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Our Tailored Engineering Recruitment Services


Full-Service Recruiting Support (RPO)

Just starting out? No dedicated in-house recruiters?

We've found this service most useful for 2 types of clients:​

  1. Start-ups with less than 100 people

  2. Medium-sized businesses with little or no dedicated in-house recruiters

We help you build teams by taking on the full Talent Acquisition function, including any of the following or other work that fits your situation:

  • Reviewing or Developing your hiring plan

  • Project managing the recruitment team (executive staff, hiring managers, stakeholders, HR, coordinators, etc.)

  • Working with managers to craft internal and external job descriptions

  • Recruiting new people for the team by the 'best-fit' methods, including direct head-hunting, job posting, talent marketing, etc.

  • Identifying and dissecting the skills and nuances of candidates to bring your teams together around common objectives

  • Developing marketing copy as it relates to Talent Acquisition

  • Improving the ATS and other tools and automation methods for efficiency

  • Innovating with you to build towards and exceed a world-class recruiting function

We find the clients are most excited about our ability to understand their business, to the level of detail required to be a high-performing resource of the management team's strategy and execution.  Examples of those details include:

  • Understanding team OKRs

  • Analyzing and building consensus amidst disagreements between managers and other stakeholders in candidate definition and selection

  • Breaking down skills into parts and sub-parts and understanding how this effects ramp-up and team contribution over time

  • Differentiating hiring situations balance quality vs timing of hires

Talent Acquisition Project Management

In desperate need of an Interim Recruitment or TA Director? Not sure why the recruiting process isn't working?

This is for when you are either in desperate need of an interim Recruitment or Talent Acquisition Manager/Director OR just want some better organization around your recruiting process without fully dedicated recruiting work.  

We can help you with full, part, or minimal engagement, depending on the situation.  

The reason we offer this service is because a lot of companies miscorrectly identify there hiring disappointment with a lack of sourcing success, when the problem is actually a mis-execution on the program management of recruiting.  Here are some signs you may be in this camp:

You don't know "why" recruiting isn't working, including not having reports on the stages of the pipeline, not having a map of the current candidate market, or in other ways not seeing the problems of recruiting from a systems or process perspective

There is no stated agreement on prioritization of hiring among executives, managers, and the HR team

Resource allocation to recruitment is unclear or mismatched from prioritization

It's hard to draw a straight line through 5 Why's of hiring a particular position, tying it deeply to team and company-wide OKRs

A La Carte Search

Just need a couple of roles filled? Need things simplified but fast?

In our process of delivering augmented talent acquisition and recruiting support, we've developed a fine-tuned method of head-hunting for specific roles.  We figured, "Why not spin this out as an a la carte service?"

For this service, you can hire us to support a single search, similar to retaining a search agency, but this is focused on the monthly search project, allowing us to charge significantly less than market.  

Our pricing for this service is $1500-3000/month per role (bulk discounts available).  

If you feel you have your job definition and interviewing operations down really well, this is a way to augment a passive job posting with active sourcing.  

Our deliverables with this service are:

  • Market Mapping of relevant professionals

  • Active recruiting of highly-targeted professionals

  • Marketing of your company to the talent market

  • Screening interviews

  • A Shortlist of qualified (both in skill and interest) candidates

  • Optional: Management of inbound applicants

Our typical "fill" timeline is 2-3 months, but depending on the level and definition of the role, we can finish as quickly as weeks.  

Reach out if you'd like to learn more.

(Since we do not have control of the role definition process with this service, we do not offer placement or replacement guarantees.  Alternatively, if you'd like to have a professional guarantee of placement and replacement, consider our Retained Search options.)

Retained Search

Need a guarantee candidate's will work out or be quickly replaced?

For professional guarantees of placement and the candidate working out for you, feel free to consider our Retained Search Option.  We are a highly agile team, so we offer a broad range of levels of search.  

All our levels include the following:

  • Needs Assessment- what will this person be expected to achieve and how will this impact each stakeholder?

  • Job Description- writing and/or editing the description of work and qualifications

  • Market Map- a custom evaluation and report on the candidate market (except for the Temp Support level search- we provide general market knowledge, not a custom-report)

  • Company Marketing- copy for marketing the company to candidates

  • Search- our Agile Search process applied to active recruiting

  • Vetting of Candidates- first interviews, screening, and summarizing shortlisted candidates

  • Interview Management- scheduling and feedback cycles

  • Offer and Onboarding support- negotiation and support of a start plan.

Here are our Search Levels:

Temp Support- helping you are basic functional support contractors, this is meant for business ops functions in start-ups, such as Office Management, Executive Assistance, Web Design, and other essential, but not particular- functions- $2K per hire

Basic- helping you hire a single or set of non-essential roles with a large talent pool, i.e. new graduates- $5K per hire

Manager or Niche Talent- Recruiting specialized talent in technical functions or front-line managers of such talent- $10K per hire

VP-level Talent- Head-hunting specialized Directors or Vice Presidents who can take a division to the next level

Executive Search- Bringing in an executive Leader with the right profile to  lead the business in mission and success

The Executive Search also includes a professionally-conducted personality profile of the 2-3 finalists for the role.​

Can't get things done without offloading key tasks like bookkeeping, calendaring, office management, etc.?

Office & Executive Management Support

We are always thinking outside the box! More products to support you and your engineering team soon to come!

Digital Products

This product is particularly for start-ups who are not ready to hire a full-time team of support staff.  You have one of our dedicated team members support all or some of the below functions:

  • Executive Organization

  • Office Management

  • HR Functions

  • Accounting Basics

  • Technology Administration

Depending on the level of support and personal availability you need, our standard pricing is $30-60/hr.  


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