Full-Service Recruiting Support (RPO)

We've found this service most useful for 2 types of clients:

  1. Start-ups with less than 100 people

  2. Medium-sized businesses with little or no dedicated in-house recruiters

We help you build teams by taking on the full Talent Acquisition function, including any of the following or other work that fits your situation:

  • Reviewing or Developing your hiring plan

  • Project managing the recruitment team (executive staff, hiring managers, stakeholders, HR, coordinators, etc.)

  • Working with managers to craft internal and external job descriptions

  • Recruiting new people for the team by the 'best-fit' methods, including direct head-hunting, job posting, talent marketing, etc.

  • Identifying and dissecting the skills and nuances of candidates to bring your teams together around common objectives

  • Developing marketing copy as it relates to Talent Acquisition

  • Improving the ATS and other tools and automation methods for efficiency

  • Innovating with you to build towards and exceed a world-class recruiting function

We find the clients are most excited about our ability to understand their business, to the level of detail required to be a high-performing resource of the management team's strategy and execution.  Examples of those details include:

  • Understanding team OKRs

  • Analyzing and building consensus amidst disagreements between managers and other stakeholders in candidate definition and selection

  • Breaking down skills into parts and sub-parts and understanding how this effects ramp-up and team contribution over time

  • Differentiating hiring situations balance quality vs timing of hires

Indie Recruiting specializes in tech internal & external start-ups and medium-sized companies. Ramp up your engineering department today.




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