Talent Acquisition Project Management

This is for when you are either in desperate need of an interim Recruitment or Talent Acquisition Manager/Director OR just want some better organization around your recruiting process without fully dedicated recruiting work.  

We can help you with full, part, or minimal engagement, depending on the situation.  

The reason we offer this service is because a lot of companies miscorrectly identify there hiring disappointment with a lack of sourcing success, when the problem is actually a mis-execution on the program management of recruiting.  Here are some signs you may be in this camp:

You don't know "why" recruiting isn't working, including not having reports on the stages of the pipeline, not having a map of the current candidate market, or in other ways not seeing the problems of recruiting from a systems or process perspective

There is no stated agreement on prioritization of hiring among executives, managers, and the HR team

Resource allocation to recruitment is unclear or mismatched from prioritization

It's hard to draw a straight line through 5 Why's of hiring a particular position, tying it deeply to team and company-wide OKRs

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