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We offer Recruiting Services to help your organization practice world-class team-building.

We specialize in internal & external start-ups, as well as medium-sized companies that need to ramp up recruiting.

Our Services


Our team is made up of recruiters who have built and managed their own teams, and numerous others.

Per Role Recruiting

For as little as $1500+per month, we can find and vet the right candidate for you within 6-12 weeks.

Interview Training

Are your interviewers experienced?  Is your team aligned to assess and recruit a team that will make your team projects flow?

ATS Consulting

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an important piece of world-class recruiting.  Whether you're looking to go lean with simple tools or use a robust automation process, we can advise on the cost-benefits of options out there.

Market Research

If all you need is a simple report on what the candidate landscape looks like, we can do a customized research project to provide analysis of who is out there and what it might take to execute on hiring.

Succession Planning

Good succession planning includes a clear perspective on what's possible: Are there people out there with skills to supplement, replace, or advance the mission in new ways?

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Indie Recruiting specializes in tech internal & external start-ups and medium-sized companies. Ramp up your engineering department today.




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