Retained Search

For professional guarantees of placement and the candidate working out for you, feel free to consider our Retained Search Option.  We are a highly agile team, so we offer a broad range of levels of search.  

All our levels include the following:

  1. Needs Assessment- what will this person be expected to achieve and how will this impact each stakeholder?

  2. Job Description- writing and/or editing the description of work and qualifications

  3. Market Map- a custom evaluation and report on the candidate market (except for the Temp Support level search- we provide general market knowledge, not a custom-report)

  4. Company Marketing- copy for marketing the company to candidates

  5. Search- our Agile Search process applied to active recruiting

  6. Vetting of Candidates- first interviews, screening, and summarizing shortlisted candidates

  7. Interview Management- scheduling and feedback cycles

  8. Offer and Onboarding support- negotiation and support of a start plan.

Here are our Search Levels:

Temp Support- helping you are basic functional support contractors, this is meant for business ops functions in start-ups, such as Office Management, Executive Assistance, Web Design, and other essential, but not particular- functions- $2K per hire

Basic- helping you hire a single or set of non-essential roles with a large talent pool, i.e. new graduates- $5K per hire

Manager or Niche Talent- Recruiting specialized talent in technical functions or front-line managers of such talent- $10K per hire

VP-level Talent- Head-hunting specialized Directors or Vice Presidents who can take a division to the next level

Executive Search- Bringing in an executive Leader with the right profile to  lead the business in mission and success

The Executive Search also includes a professionally-conducted personality profile of the 2-3 finalists for the role.

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