Andrew Doser, Mad Designer from Start to Finish

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Andrew is a multidisciplinary designer with extensive experience working and building products for the video advertising industry. He thrives in environments where the mission or direction is not completely clear or established. It's from this ambiguity that his creativity and broad design skills flourish. Andrew has played a critical role in teams, whether it be a venture-backed startup or a larger organization.

Andrew Doser

Throughout his career, Andrew has proven capable of being able to take a product from inception to completion following the design process of research, define, design, prototype, and test. From this, he is a star at solving product design challenges across an array of platform environments, including mobile, tablet, desktop, and connected TV.

Skill Highlights


Over the past decade, Andrew has learned to code in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. While not a software engineer, he capable of leveraging his coding skills to prototype and build complete user experiences and stand-out presentations.

New Technology and Platforms

Andrew has consistently been the go-to designer to explore new innovative technology, whether that is a 360º video experience in a VR mask or new 3rd-party ad-tech platforms.


Andrew is highly proficient at storytelling, wire-framing, and planning out the entire user experience, guiding a product from the beginning to the end. 

Full Media Experience

Whether you need graphic design, video production and editing, 3D designing, and more, he's done it all. His love for animation has been a signature in his work, creating experiences, engaging transitions, and event behaviors. See more at Andrew’s Portfolio Website

A Brief History of his craft

With a background in film & TV and Animation & Illustration, Andrew began his design background building expansive NASA educational titles such as "AstroVenture" and "Exploring Aeronautics." In 2007, he transitioned into the video ad tech world with an early startup called YuMe. Andrew was an instrumental player with YuMe's profitability success, which eventually helped make them a public company in 2013. Not only did he help build their creative services team, but he also invented many of their most innovative and significant revenue-generating ad products across desktop, mobile, tablet, and CTV platforms.  

You can see more here in his resume or at his LinkedIn profile:

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