Pedro Magalhães, Leading you to Trusted Horizons

Pedro, former head of Trust and Safety at Eventbrite and Manager of Safety Operations at LinkedIn, is on the market!

While he started out in law and financial fraud mitigation, he has expanded into Cybersecurity, data analysis, and comprehensive Trust and Safety operations, having managed operations in EMEA, the US, and APAC.

A native of Portugal, he's fluent in English, Italian, and Portuguese.

Key Skills

  • Understanding the comprehensive landscape of what it takes to get consumer trust right

  • Data analysis and the stories it tells

  • Cybersecurity programs and fraud mitigation

  • Remote and distributed team management

  • Program Management

A Deeper History

is a Portuguese national with a Law background that left his home city of Lisbon in 2008 to pursue a banking career in Dublin, Ireland. Apart from his native Portuguese, Pedro is fluent in English and Italian.

Once established in Dublin, Pedro accepted a job at Barclays Bank, a global organization and major banking reference in the EU.

Soon Pedro felt an interest in the financial fraud aspect of the industry and decided to explore that path further by assuming responsibilities in mitigating credit card fraud, charge-backs and learning about the methodologies used by criminals to exploit the banking system.

in 2009, an opportunity presented itself for Pedro to deep dive into the online fraud world and he accepted the role of online fraud investigator at Full tilt Poker, a well known online gaming website that was experiencing rapid growth.

Learning about the many types of modus operandi used by fraudsters to scam clients, hack accounts and exploit product vulnerabilities reaffirmed Pedro's passion for solving complex situations and protecting users and businesses from malicious actors. Pedro also had the opportunity to work alongside data scientists and engineers that could use large data sets to extract information that would otherwise be missed thus being able to build smarter systems to operate at scale. Pedro was fascinated and learning fast. In the meantime, he was offered a senior role that brought a new dimension to his career: People management. Unbeknownst to him at this point, people management would become the "other side of the coin" as another career passion.

In the same year, Pedro decided to return to college to pursue a 4 year-long BA Honors in Business Management with a major in Project Management to equip him better to his career.

In 2011, Full Tilt Poker experiences a major business impact caused by the actions of its executives. It ends up laying off 95% of its staff, including Pedro and being sold to a competitor. Pedro then decides to return to the banking industry, this time with Citibank, in a business support unit where he's responsible for reviewing credit line applications from major global clients.

But soon opportunity knocked on the door again. This time, with an offer to join the Risk Operations team in a new company called LinkedIn.

In 2011, LinkedIn was not a strong brand in the EU market, often compared to Facebook but in small and unpromising.

Pedro's intuition tells him otherwise, though. He decides to leave Citibank a few months after starting and accepts an offer from LinkedIn to fight fraud and bad content on social media despite the warnings from friends and peers.

In the following years, LinkedIn changed the landscape of social media, establishing the concept of professional profile and redesigning the job-seeking experience worldwide thus becoming a global player in the industry. And it's at LinkedIn that Pedro finds real opportunity to bring forth his passion for fighting fraud and materialize his vision of enhancing its products and policies to mitigate risk and create a safe ecosystem. In 2013, Pedro becomes the manager of the Trust and Safety team and takes the reigns of the EMEA and APAC Cybersecurity efforts.

Pedro's new role offers him the opportunity to travel to the US and see an entirely new world of innovation and smart thinking. Once again fascinated with what he sees, in 2015 Pedro decides to move to the US and create a new team in Omaha, Nebraska.

The location raises eyebrows with friends and peers. Why trade a vibrant European capital for the American heartland? And what makes a tech business like LinkedIn want a team in there?

(If you're interested in a direct introduction to Pedro or other professionals in our network, reach out here.)

In 2008 Pedro had moved to Ireland with his girlfriend, and soon-to-be-wife, Monica. Over the following years, they built a family with their three children. In their travels to the US, they agree that switching Dublin for a family-friendly, spacious and easy-going Omaha would offer their family with a great environment. LinkedIn also found in Omaha the opportunity to build teams with a very talented workforce without the constraints of the Bay Area. A win-win.

Pedro stayed with LinkedIn for over 7 years growing his career and executing strategies as the online space evolved. In 2011, Cybersecurity concerns gravitated around hacking, scraping and scamming but recent years brought data privacy regulations and the need for businesses to be more transparent with the way they use data and be responsible for the quality of the content they offer to the users. New challenges require flexible thinking and Pedro created different teams to equip LinkedIn to respond to those challenges.

His latest adventure happened in 2019 when Pedro decided to move to the Bay Area and accept the role of Head of Trust and Safety at Eventbrite. With a sense of "job done" at LinkedIn, Pedro felt that the events industry is very exposed to fraud which is an opportunity to deliver value in a different business area.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 happened. The pandemic crippled the events industry and Eventbrite had no option but to layoff half of the staff to save costs and try to keep the business running with essentials. Like Pedro, many leaders were impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak by losing their jobs.

Take a look at Pedro's resume or connect with him on LinkedIn:

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